Welcome to Cebu Normal University

1902: Established as Cebu Normal School by Americans as a provincial branch of Philippine Normal School, in Manila
1967: Renamed as Cebu Normal College by virtue of R.A. 5128  and BPS Memo. No. 79, s. 1967
1976: Established as Cebu State College by virtue of Presidential Decree 944
1998: June 27, established as Cebu Normal University by virtue of R.A. No. 8688


1901 - With the arrival of the Thomasites, tha civilian American teachers who replaced the soldier- mentors, on August 21,

1901, primary schools were formally established throughout the country. 1901 was also the year when the Philippine Normal School was established.

1902 -Provincial Normal Schools on the secondary level were established as branches of the Philippine Normal School.

Among these normal schools were those in Vigan, Ilocos Sur; Nueva Caceres in Bicol; Iloilo; Cebu; and Cagayan de Misamis in Mindanao.

It was also in 1902 when the American Teachers Institute was held in Cebu, most probably in the building which housed the Cebu Normal school. This was the old Colegio Logarta on Colon Street, said to be the oldest street on the country. It saw the graduation of the first batch of students of mixed ages in 1904.

1906 - With the establishment of the Cebu Provincial High School, whose building was constructed on the site of the present Abellana National High School on Jones Avenue (now Osmeña Boulevard), the CNS curriculum was lengthened to four years. CNS occupied a building beside the CPHS, with the students sharing teachers (especially Americans) with the CPHS students. John Barrows, the Acting Superintendent of schools for Cebu Province, became its principal.

Grade V-VII of the elementary training department later shared a building with the neighboring City Central School, which was constructed in 1910.

1915 - Cebu Normal School became independent from PNS, but it continued as an adjunct of the Cebu Provincial High School.

1925 - In June, 1925, the CNS formally separated from the CPHS with the opening of a new building across the street, on a site which used to be known as the Plaza Esportiva.

This is the present administration building of the Cebu Normal University. Some classes, however, like two combination classes, Grades I-II and Grades III-IV, continued to be held at the CPHS building which was known as the CNS Extention School.

Class 1926, which included former Undersecretary of Education

Narciso Albarracin,was the first batch to graduate from the new educational institution. The first principal of this new CNS was Miss Ines Crawford, an American; while the first training department supervisor was Mr. Lazaro Milaor, a Filipino.

1936 - With the advent of the Philippine Commonwealth, Filipino administrators also took over. Mr. Miguel Gaffud was the first Filipino principal of the CNS. He later became a noted author of professional books.

In the same year, the secondary normal curriculum was replaced with a two-year college curriculum (ETC or Elementary Teacher Certificate). Read more...