Courses offered

Courses offered at Cebu Normal University:

        Public Administration
    Arts, Design & Architecture
    Communication & Information Science
        Information Science
    Computer Science & Mathematics
        Computer Science
        Early Childhood Education
        Elementary Education
        Physical Education
        Science Education
        Secondary Education
        Special Education
        Religion & Values Education
    Medical & Healthcare
        Doctor of Medicine
    Religion & Values Education
    Social Science
        Political Science
        Public Administration
    Tourism & Hotel Administration

Education courses offered

Diploma courses - Education:
Course     Abbr     Duration        
Certificate of Proficiency in Sign Language     CPSL     4 semesters        
Certificate of Program for Elementary Math Teaching     CPEMT     2 semesters        
Certificate of Program for Elementary Science Teaching     CPEST     2 semesters        
Diploma in Special Education     DSPED     4 semesters        
Bachelor courses - Education:
Course     Abbr     Duration        
BEEd in General Education     BS-EED     8 semesters        
BEEd in Pre-School Education     BEED-PRED     8 semesters        
BEEd in Special Education     BSEED-SPED     8 semesters        
BSED in English     BSED-ENG     8 semesters        
BSED in Filipino     BSED-FIL     8 semesters        
BSED in Mathematics     BSED-MATH     8 semesters        
BSED in Music, Arts, and Physical Education     BSED-MAPEH     8 semesters        
BSED in Physical Science     BSED-PS     8 semesters        
BSED in Social Studies     BSED-SS     8 semesters        
BSED in Technology and Livelihood Education     BSSED-TLE     8 semesters        
BSED in Values Education     BSED-RVE     8 semesters        
Masters courses - Education:
Course     Abbr     Duration        
MAEd in Alternative Learning System     MAED-ALS     4 semesters        
MAEd in Early Childhood Education     MAED-ECE     4 semesters        
MAEd in Educational Management     MAED-EM     8 semesters        
MAEd in English Language Teaching     MAED-ENG     4 semesters        
MAEd in Guidance and Counseling     MAED-GC     8 semesters        
MAEd in Home Economics     MAED-HE     4 semesters        
MAEd in Mathematics     MSED-MATH     4 semesters        
MAEd in Physical Education     MAT-PED     4 semesters        
MAEd in Science Education     MAED-SCIED     4 semesters        
MAEd in Social Studies     MAED-SS     8 semesters        
MAEd in Special Education     MAED-SPED     4 semesters        
Doctor courses - Education:
Course     Abbr     Duration        
Ed.D in Alternative Learning System     ED.D-ALS     6 semesters        
Ed.D in Early Childhood Education     ED.D-ECE     6 semesters        
Ed.D in English Language Teaching     ED.D-ELT     6 semesters        
Ed.D in Filipino Language Teaching     ED.D-FLT     6 semesters        
Ed.D in Science Education     ED.D-SE     6 semesters        
Ed.D. in Educational Management     PHD-EM     6 semesters    

Academic Programs
Doctor Arts and Lit. Communication
Doctor of Education
Doctor of Philo. In Research and Evaluation
Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing
Doctor of Public Administration
Master in Hospital Administration G
Master in Nursing
Master in Public Administration
Master of Arts in Education
Master of Arts in Nursing
Master of Arts in Public Administration
Master of Science in Library & Information Science
Bachelor of Science in Nursing for Health Allied Professionals
Bachelor of Science in Nursing for Medical Doctors
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Elementary Education
Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Secondary Education
AMUMA (Care Giving Program)
SECONDARY (1st to 4th yr)
PRE-SCHOOL ( Kinder, etc)