About CNU

The history of Cebu Normal University (CNU) began with the establishment of its forerunner, the Cebu Normal School. as a tributary of the Normal School in Manila (now the Philippine Normal University) in 1902. It first opened its doors to Filipinos aspiring to become teachers, on 16 June 1902. This is based on the records showing that the school year 1902-1903 opened on that date, such as in Manila and in Iloilo.

Records also reveal that the American Teachers Institute in Cebu City opened likewise, on 16 June 1902. Florence Grayum, a teacher assigned to Cebu Normal School. was among the lecturers of the said Institute on 18 June 1902. Along with J. Frank Daniel, she became assistant to Samuel MacClintock, the school’s first principal, in the administration of the school during 1902-1903, as mentioned in Mr MacClintock’s report to the Secretary of Public Instruction in 1903.
Mr MacClintock later served in concurrent capacity as Division Superintendent of Schools for the province of Cebu.
With the passage of RA 5128 in 1967, Cebu Normal School was renamed Cebu Normal College. It was converted into a state college by virtue of PD 944 in 1976. In 1998, it was elevated to university status under the name Cebu Normal University.

-certified by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines, 9 May 2011